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Established in 1969, LOMA SYSTEMS®designs, manufactures and supports inspection equipment used to identify contaminants and product defects within the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, principally offering Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-Ray Inspection systems. With the addition of the LOCK Inspection, Cintex and Brapenta brands and products, LOMA’s reputation is based on consistent quality and advanced technology, the result of continuous and far-reaching research and development programmes.

Check and Detect Products



IQ4 Metal Detection systems designed for conveyorized, pumped, gravity fed & pharmaceutical applications to detect all metals.

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X5 X-Ray inspection systems designed for conveyorized, pumped and bulk applications to detect all metals, glass, bone, stone and dense plastics, and perform product integrity checks.
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CW3 Dynamic Checkweighing systems designed for light to heavy weight converyorized products whilst in motion.
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Integrated Check & Detect systems designed to simultaneously inspect and weigh converyorized products.

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Smartly designed for harsh washdown environments

Learn how CW3 RUN-WET®, our new IP69 combo and checkweigher systems, can help you save time and effort and keep your factory run better. You can also submit your questions.

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X-ray helps leading meat processor Kepak

Kepak installs 8 X-ray systems for complex 'on-the-go' burger product, to provide best-in-class metal, bone, ceramic and glass contaminant detection, whilst checking the products weight and volume to a 3g tolerance.

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Loma Office's and Partner locations

Through a worldwide network of OEM and distributor partners, LOMA supplies and supports inspection equipment in over 100 other countries.
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New Article: Understanding IP Ratings

Loma provides a guide to understand the difference between each IP Rating to make sure you have the correct protection for your environment.

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Choose your industry

With over 45 years of experience in product inspection LOMA understands the challenges for many industry segments and provide a wide range of CHECK & DETECT solutions to help over come these issues.

Extensive LOMA services to retain uptime and standards

LOMA understands the demands placed on modern food manufacturers and our service products are designed to help achieve your factory goals with maximum peace of mind. Whether you are looking to improve performance, or uptime of your machines, to make sure your systems comply to all the latest standards or codes of practice, or to simply provide top quality training for your staff, LOMA has a service solution for you.

Onsite Services

LOMA's team of field service engineers are ready to respond to emergency breakdowns, repair, verification, calibration and other service calls.

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Service Programmes

LOMA's service programmes are designed to help maximize uptime of inspection equipment and give peace of mind to factory managers, line supervisors and operators.

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LOMA's training academy is designed with everyday inspection needs in mind and goes a long way towards improving performance and increasing productivity.

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Spare Parts

LOMA offers a wide range of stocked parts and machine specific spare parts kits to help aid production uptime.

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We also support Lock Inspection and Cintex users

With the merging of Lock Inspection and Cintex products into LOMA SYSTEMS, our teams are trained to provide support and spare parts for Lock Inspection and Cintex equipment.


Need support or spare parts for your inspection product?